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Thread: Any "Gamers" Out There?

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    Question Any "Gamers" Out There?

    Any "Gamers" Out There?

    So I thought I'd post this question since many of my colleagues and I have enjoyed many hours of gaming together.

    Naturally, many folks involved in Industrial Automation are more technically inclined. And many technically inclined folks enjoy gaming as a hobby.

    For me, it started in the late 70's with the Atari 2600 and Commodore VIC-20.

    Today, while I still enjoy some PC gaming, most of my game sessions find me in my easy chair playing on my XBOX One, currently enjoying Elite Dangerous, with some Destiny and Division mixed in.

    So, do any of you also game?

    If you do, on what platform(s) and what games have you been playing lately?


    Shawn Tierney

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    Currently playing GOW 4 on PC where I do most of my gaming these days :-)


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