I have a setup (first for me) with a Micrologix 1400, PanelView Plus 7 and a Yaskawa A1000 drive.
Everything was working fine on Friday morning when I had my IP network set to 192.168.2.xx
Everything was communicating, my drive values where displayed on the HMI and when the machine ran I could write a .csv file to my SD Card.
Then I had IT come in to try and connect me to our network, to try and get remote access via TightVNC and a Tablet.
IP addresses were changed to 10.0.1.xxx, this got my machinery onto the network.
But obviously messed up my project.
Had to go into FactoryTalk and recreate the communications path, change MSG instructions in RSLogix to match IP and set RSLinx to the new IP.
Ok, everything working again, except, when trying to write to the SD card, I get an error that cannot write, the file is already open.
I deleted the original file and created a new DataLog.csv file and still I get the error. My recipes on the same card work OK.
Any suggestions?