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Thread: MicroLogix Serial Communications Issue

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    MicroLogix Serial Communications Issue

    dear Sir,
    i am trying to communicate micrologix 1000 to a PC.
    auto-configuration is not getting successful while rs232 cable is connected at COM1 (PC side)and channel 0 (at plc side).
    Error shown is:
    "packet timed-out,check cable and power supply etc."
    It may be noted that 1.) it is getting successful with same cable while same PC is connected to channel 0 at MicroLogix 1100.
    2.) even error LED on micrologix 1000 is not glowing.
    can we doubt on serial channel 0(ML 1000) port itself, if it is so, how to confirm that?
    OR is there any other method to get ML 1000 communicated with PC ( i mean without using auto-configuration but manually in RSLinx classic Lite software)?
    thanks for considering that above said,
    and I wish nice day to you!

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    Good afternoon @vikas,

    If your cable works with channel 0 of a MicroLogix 1100, but not channel 0 of a MicroLogix 1000, I'm going to guess the issue is that your MicroLogix 1000's channel 0 is not set for DF1 Full Duplex:


    Do you have an offline copy of the program? If so, can you open it to see what Channel 0 is set for?

    If not, do you have a 1747-UIC you can try to connect to your ML1000 via DH-485?

    Hope this helps,

    Shawn Tierney,
    Instructor at The Automation School
    Looking for affordable automation training? If you are, check out my courses at!

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