When I try to create a new project in Studio 5000, I get the message "failed to create new project file...Couldn't be found."

This problem is occurring on two different computers. I am running as Administrator in both cases.

The first pc is a Windows 7 environment. I am running Studio v28.0. The error code is 716-80042001. I have searched specifically for this code and it does not come up anywhere. The thing is, it was working just fine until recently--I was able to create new projects with no problems.

The second pc is a Windows 10 environment. I am running Studio v24.02, which I just recently installed. I am getting the exact same error message and code. In this case, it has never worked since installation.

I am attempting to save to the pc's hard disk in both cases. I have tried saving to the default path, and have also tried to save using other paths, to no avail.

Any ideas as to what's going on?