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Thread: How Many Recipes Can a PVPlus 7 Hold?

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    How Many Recipes Can a PVPlus 7 Hold?

    how many recipe can be created in panelview plus 7
    i need to create 600 recipe.
    if it is not possible in this please suggest me which panelview should i use.
    i am using micrologix 1400 controller.
    thank you

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    Good morning @estan,

    I think the best place for you to get the details would be in the products manual, but the a quick answer is that if your recipes are always written to the same set of tags in the same plc, then your limit is 500 recipes (and I don't know of another PanelView that can do more, but you may want to look into the ML1400's recipe instruction.)

    According to Rockwell, the PVPlus 7's Recipe Pro supports:

    - Up to 15,000 different ingredients

    - Up 500 different "Data Sets", aka sets of ingredient values.

    Think of each one being a different recipe, like for different products (Chocolate Chip vs Oatmeal Cookies)

    - Up to 50 "Tag Sets."

    Think of a tag set as the PLC tags or addresses the ingredients get sent to.

    If you have five lines making the same set of products, then each line would need its own Tag Set.

    Could be five PLC's, one controlling each line. Or one PLC controlling all five lines.

    - Up to 2,500 Units.

    A unit is a Data Set and Tag Set combined. Examples would include sending Machine 5 (using a Tag Set) the Oatmeal Cookie Recipe (a Data Set)

    PS - There is also a free, pre-installed Recipe 2 ActiveX which uses CSV files, but it may be limited in some ways to ~250 recipes.

    Again, for complete info check out the FactoryTalk View Machine Edition Manual:



    Hope this helps,

    Shawn Tierney,
    Instructor at The Automation School
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