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Thread: Nested Add-on Instructions in Studio 5000

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    Nested Add-on Instructions in Studio 5000

    We are working with add-on instructions from AMCI and would like to nest that into a custom AOI we have written ourselves. All of our AOI variables are InOut types. The custom AOI lights up green like it's running. The nested AOIs are receiving the values, but the custom AOI doesn't seem to be executing the instructions any further.

    We can successfully run the AMCI AOI when not nested. This makes us think there might be an issue with nesting.

    Any insights?

    Thanks in advance.


    Edit - Nesting is possible.
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    Good afternoon @pico-dc,

    As you say, nesting is possible.

    In fact, if you check out Rockwell's PlantPAx Process Library you will find they use nesting of AOIs quite a bit.

    Not having any AMCI hardware in-house, I would recommend you (1) creating a new project, (2) import only the AMCI AOI, (3) create a new Custom AOI and nest the AMCI AOI inside it, and (4) create a routine using the new Custom AOI and test it out to see if the AMCI AOI still works while nested in your new AOI (there's no reason it shouldn't.)

    That process should confirm you're doing everything correctly, and might make any conflicts with nesting the AMCI AOI into your existing AOI more apparent.

    Hope this helps,

    Shawn Tierney,
    Instructor at The Automation School
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