new in v9 FTView Studio is access to additional tag properties,
read through tech notes to understand, if use lot of this capability.

930988 Performance considerations when using extended tag properties
531030 FactoryTalk View: Access Extended Tag Properties from Logix Controller
1049820 Access Extended Tag Properties from Logix Controller through OPC
51948 FactoryTalk View SE: Tag description from a direct reference tag
518735 Logix Designer V21 Extended Tag Properties
573659 Studio 5000: Download Project Documentation and Extended Properties
43923 Components Stored in Logix5000 Controller

Done recent project with PVP7, 12in wide.
2 of L36ERM with 4 local I-O each & total 4 of 1794 I-O banks(28 of 1794 I-O modules).
Total of 32 I-O modules; used RA faceplates for 2 of CPX, local I-O modules & Flex I-O with descriptions.
Changed all RA I-O FacePlates to use @description for I-O.
I was not impressed by PVP7 screen update once several I-O modules were cached.