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Thread: Panelview 1000 Program loss

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    Panelview 1000 Program loss

    Hi Shawn
    I have a Panelview 1000 2711-T10G9 that has presented itself in configuration mode with no runtime app.
    I reload the runtimefile and she's fine, but I have never seen this before. I've never changed a battery on a panelview , at least as far as I can remember.
    And that includes some PV 550's we have . Any idea what this may be?

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    Good afternoon Joe,

    None of the PanelViews rely on a battery to maintain their programs as they all have non-volatile memory.

    In fact, the battery is only used to keep the clock going while the unit is powered off.

    So unless someone have touched the unit the only thing I can think of that would corrupt memory is a power surge of some type?


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