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Thread: Display a screen for 30 sec then change alone to another screen issue

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    Display a screen for 30 sec then change alone to another screen issue

    Hello to everyone,

    I want to start a display in my HMI screen using factory talk SE that work pushing a botton, display another screen for 30 seconds and then come back to another screen.

    For this I found in Factorytalk right click on the one display: display settings / behavior / commands / startup run command:
    also I use PLC logix5000 and create a bool value to toggle a bit and start a counter (T_DISPLAY_1).

    &Set [PLC]HMI_TIME_DISPLAY 1;If {[PLC]T_DISPLAY_1.DN}=1 Then Display Details_Center_of_Thrust Endif

    I recibe the toggle bit but this waiting time is always false when the screen start up, any other idea to control this issue.

    Kind regards,

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    Good afternoon,

    So, you want to press a button on "screen a" to display "screen b" for 30 seconds, and then return to "screen a"?

    This is pretty easy to do, BUT how easy, and which method I would use, would depend on the details.

    Like, if the 30 second screen, aka "screen b", will always only be displayed for 30 seconds?

    And, will it always be called from "screen a", or can it be called from any screen?

    Also, is there any issue with "screen b" being an "on top" and not a "replace" screen? (on top displays can also be full size displays)

    Personally, I would make "screen b" an on top display so it overlays whatever screen that calls it, and then after the elapsed time I would just "abort" it so you see what was there before.

    While there are multiple ways to issue a command after a set time, I'd probably first try running a macro when "screen b" opens, and then in the macro I'd have line one be a pause 30, and line two be the abort command to close "screen b."

    Hope that helps,

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