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Thread: Replacing a PLC-5 on DH+ with ControlLogix?

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    Replacing a PLC-5 on DH+ with ControlLogix?

    Look for some guidance.

    I need to replace a PLC-5 on a system that has a lot of DH+ comms.

    There are a few PanelViews, VFDs, and another PLC-5.

    So, do I need to edit all of those programs to communicate to the new ControlLogix tags to get them to work?

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    Hey Sam,

    If my memory is correct, the 1756-DHRIO can use the “Map PLC and SLC Messages” feature in RSLogix/Studio 5000 to map DH+ requests from other devices on the DH+ network.

    So you can map addresses like N7 (or just file 7 in the tool) to an INT array in the ControlLogix.

    This is how we use to integrate PanelViews with Logix when it first came out. I also believe this works with any DH+ request including messages with PLC-5s.

    Since I haven’t done it in a while, I would suggest checking out the below Rockwell technotes:


    Aside from that, any MSGs in the old PLC-5 you'r replacing will also need to be reworked to go through the DHRIO, and that process should also be well documented in the Knowbase.

    Hope this helps!

    Shawn Tierney
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