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Thread: Converting MicroLogix1000 to Micro800

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    Converting MicroLogix1000 to Micro800


    I'm trying to convert a program from RSLogix to the Connected Components Workbench so that I can migrate my Micrologix 1000 PLC program to a Micro800. I followed the instructions in the "Micrologix 1000 Controllers to Micro800 Controllers Migration Guide" but I have run into a problem. I am not able to import, or update, the alias for bits that I use in the code. In RSLogix I had symbols and names such as "B3:0/0 RES_SHT_DN_BIT". When I migrated the project to CCW I got all of the alias for the inputs and outputs but not for these bits. I now have lines of codes with bits being used without there names. When I click on the global variables and attempt to change the alias it is completely greyed out. I have attached a screen shot showing the greyed out box. I have also uploaded two images, one shows what the logic looked like in RSLogix Micro and the other shows the same logic in CCW. You can see that the CCW logic is missing all of the labels for each bit. Without this information it is much more difficult to troubleshoot the program. I would really appreciate any help.




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    Great question GMCWilli,

    I'm going to try this myself this morning and see what happens here and let you know what I find.


    So I imported a large MicroLogix program into CCW and found the exact same thing - none of the symbols come in as alias tags.

    That said, I was able to scroll to the bottom of the tag list and add in new Tags that are aliased to the imported addresses.

    I'm thinking there must be a way to copy and paste all these in from Excel, but didn't have time to try.

    Oh and the reason the alias column is grayed out is that the "sub-members" of the Int Array can't have aliases attached :-( You can alias the entire array, like B[3], but not sure that would be very useful.

    Hope this helps,

    Shawn Tierney,
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