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Thread: FactoryTalk View SE Alarm Filter

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    FactoryTalk View SE Alarm Filter

    I am looking to get some of the filters that have been setup for the Alarm/Event windows to be automatically selected when the window is opened.
    I basically have a pop-up window available for every piece of machinery on the assembly line that has a trending chart and alarm history for that particular machine. The trending chart and every other element on the page shows the correct data because the pens uses a parameter (#1) to only show relevant historical data. Unfortunately the alarm log seems to default to show every piece of machinery set up - not the specific one that should be shown. I have broken up each machine's faults to use a specific group and have filters made up to show good data, however it is not auto selected when the window is loaded. (see attached photo for the popup window)


    Is there any way that this filter can be auto applied via some macro or ??

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    Good afternoon James,

    To be sure I understand, are trying to filter the displayed alarms in the A&E alarm list based on a parameter (like #1)?

    So if you bring the trend up for machine 2, you only want to see the alarms for machine 2?

    I've done this in the past but want to be sure I understand you before I go hunting through my projects ;-)


    Shawn Tierney,
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    Hi Shawn,

    You seem to have gotten the big picture that's going on here. If we can come up with a solution it will save me from making a separate window for each machine on the line and will make scaling up the project next year really easy. I appreciate your support.

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