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Thread: running VBScript JScript and/or perl.

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    Wink running VBScript JScript and/or perl.


    I have made some utilities to process log files made in VBscript (I have attached them below) these run fine on my laptop and my client has requested we run these on the HMI.

    my Panel View Plus
    Is running ME Station v
    FT services platform

    The problem is that I invoke cscript to run the VBScript under windows 10 which is in my path variable on my laptop and I found that under Win CE 6.0 this command should be cescript instead I changed this and the directory paths and hoped that would work, but of course the path doesn't contain it. We tried searching all over to find it and couldn't find it or how to install it ?

    So my college told me to re-write as a jscript so I did the first one as a jscript that will run under node.js on my windows 10 laptop (again attached) however again it couldn't find node and iam also not sure if it does exist for Win CE 6.0

    So I knew you could load perl onto the storage stick and re-write the routines as perl code and invoke them from the binaries already made for win CE 6.0 and iam assuming that these are for the x86 processor i.e. either perl-wince-x86-palm or perl-wince-x86-pocket, I was told it was a mips but under control panel system information it says its a intel i486 1000 MHz

    Would you know
    1. Where I can find cescript and if this standard interpreter to run VBScript is loaded ?
    2. If you can run jscript from node.js at all ? or indeed from any other graphics button.
    3. If I can use either of the perl executables that have been made and write scripts in perl.

    Each program is attached so you can see them, they are pretty simple in creating one log and then changing field formats and descriptions as well as adding epoch time for plotting with for example datplot.

    Win CE (2).zip

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    Administrator Shawn Tierney's Avatar
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    Good morning Nick,

    I have not tried to run custom scripts on the PanelView Plus line, be the below Tech Notes might help you:

    Application Support for PanelView Plus and Windows CE v6.00

    Converting Embedded Visual Basic (eVB) to VB.NET and developing .NET applications on the VersaView CE 4.1

    PanelView Plus - Java, Javascript, and JScript support

    Note: The second two require a tech connect contract to view - if you don't have one your local distributor should be able to send you copies of them.

    Hope this helps,

    Shawn Tierney of The Automation Blog
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    Thanks very much

    From reading it I contacted the company in isreal about running the JavaScript but they didn't come back yet and I'm not sure if i have to buy that third party engine.

    It seems that C# or C++ are supported and on my HMI I can find cs-script which is supposed to run C# scripts

    I converted the application to C# but it wont run ?

    Do i need Virtual Studio 2008 ? and .NET 3.5 and a WinCE emulator and do i have to compile this application or can it run via cs-script.exe which i can find in the \Windows\ directory of the HMI ?

    I attached the converted script but i'm not sure its entirely correct as i couldn't run it.
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    I debugged by c# script by downloading this

    and its attached i'll let you know if it works on my HMI

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    I tried the cs-script it works again on my windows 10 but on the HMI it sent a message on not having .NET but the articles you show suggest it has support for .NET and c++/c#

    Oleg Shilo told me it must have the .NET compilers or Roslyn loaded to work.

    Is it possible to install the compilers or Roslyn ?

    Or if not how do I run a c++ or c# program do I need to build it on another machine and does it need to be an emulator with win ce or can it be my laptop ?

    Additioanally this morning when I rebooted the HMI it no longer boots up and has an error FATAL 3A how do I get this back working maybe it was related to trying to run the c# script ?

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    I have tried to get my c# running and was told to put on Roslyn as it maybe missed the compiler, this I have now done

    but when I try to compile one the HMI using Roslyn I get

    .NET CF Initialisation Error
    To run this application you must first install one of the .NET compact Framework

    This thread suggests it is supported

    Would you have any idea what I need to do to install it or check it ?

    I forgot to say that normally to see this you look in the registry but
    regedit and cereg don't work so knowing how to get into its registry might help me.

    This tool was sent me and it looks at the registry the version is .net 3.5
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    Administrator Shawn Tierney's Avatar
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    Good morning Nick,

    Thanks for the updates.

    Unfortunately. as I said earlier I've never attempted to run custom scripts on the PanelView Plus.

    PS - Have you tried turning your script into an ActiveX? Rockwell has several of their own ActiveX's they give away for free with the PVPlus.


    Shawn Tierney,
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    Thanks Shawn
    I haven't tried this approach could you give me more information of this please.

    In short so far I got Roslyn on it, but it seems it needs .net version 4.0 and we have only 3.5, and the installer .cab file for 4.1 (which is the only one I can find) only works for windows mobile and doesn't seem to be for windows ce 6.0.

    I got an answer about the JVM from Israel too it works with only JDK 1.3 and i'm not sure yet what that is capable of.
    Supports FileInputStream(source); and FileOutputStream(dest);
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    Administrator Shawn Tierney's Avatar
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    I haven't created an ActiveX for the PVPlus myself, but this might help:

    Custom ActiveX Control Instructions and Samples for PanelView Plus 6/ 7 and Machine Edition 6.0 and later:

    Hope it helps,

    Shawn Tierney,
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    thanks very much
    I tried the download but it said the .msi was corrupt ? Anyway I will read the documents on this and maybe the file can be checked I wonder if its because ive got windows 10 ?
    I have some ones in FT would you know what they can do ?

    ActiveX we have already……..
    Microsoft Scriptlet component
    Script control object

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