Good morning Carissa,

Sorry I missed your post. I'm sure at this point you've probably found your answers, but for those who come after here's some food for thought:

1) I've never run into an issue "copying" a CSV file that was actively being written to, and that is what I would suggest you do in your script - copy not move the csv log files to the USB Memory Stick.

I also add "echo" text to my autorun scripts to let the operator know when the process has started, as well as when it's done to "count to ten" before removing the memory card with the script on it.

2) The average USB Memory Stick can hold hundreds of thousands of average CSV files. That said, to know for sure if yours will fit, you'll want to log the average amount of data over an average time, and then multiply the resulting file size by the number you need to store on your memory card to determine how big it needs to be.

Hope this helps,

Shawn Tierney,
Instructor at The Automation School