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    MicroLogix Serial Communications Issue

    dear Sir,
    i am trying to communicate micrologix 1000 to a PC.
    auto-configuration is not getting successful while rs232 cable is connected at COM1 (PC side)and channel 0 (at plc side).
    Error shown...
  2. Thread: SCADA VS DCS

    by vikas


    Dear sir,
    Please tell me what is supervisory control? and how it differs from control philosophy of a DCS system?
    I am egarly looking forward to your response.
  3. thanks for your kind help sir !

    Dear sir,
    Good morning!
    I'm feeling excited to inform you that I got succeeded in running my application through PVP compact 400.
    Now, my application is correctly communicating to PLC (ML 1100)...
  4. thanks for the reply sir !

    Dear Sir, good morning!
    I got where i was doing mistake.
    I was trying to communicate ML 1100 PLC, with the same null modem serial cable, to both development PC and PVP 400 compact terminal.
  5. Dear sir,Is it necessary to connect PvP 400 (HMI)...

    Dear sir,Is it necessary to connect PvP 400 (HMI) to development PC to configure runtime communication?
  6. query about the communication of MicroLogix 1100 to PanelView plus 400.

    Dear There,

    Sir, I have developed an PVP compact application in FTViewME software.

    This application is tested successfully with MicroLogix 1100 PLC (means: I gets response from PLC when I give...
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